Digital Video Phone – The Evolution Of The Humble Phone

Within the telecommunications industry VoIP has become a buzzword and it simply means Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a cost effective way of make phone calls instead of using the more traditional Public Switched Telephone Network technology. It is a technology that many people around the world are using to communicate with family, friends and loved ones.

So, what is a Digital Video Phone?

A digital video telephone is a self contained IP phone that looks like the conventional phone in many ways but it uses an Ethernet port not a landline. The phone converts your voice and the picture from the inbuilt webcam into digital signal for transmission over the internet.

Why is the Digital Video Phone becoming increasingly popular?

It is more user friendly than computer based telecommunications
It is an inexpensive alternative to your home telephone needs
Your phone number is portable – wherever you move to you keep the same number

The digital video phone looks just like your standard everyday telephone but with some amazing features such as:-

17.8cm high resolution digital screen
3 way calling function
privacy button (for when you don’t want the person on the other end to see you)
mail box
phone book
automatic redial
digital photo frame
project images to your digital TV
make voice calls to anyone with a traditional or mobile phone

The digital video phone allows you to talk directly to anyone in any part of the world. It is quick and reliable in delivering first class quality sound and picture. It is becoming one of the basic necessities in homes today. We live in an ever changing world and families are no longer just a few miles away but instead we can be hundreds of miles away from each other. Sometimes even half way round the world. You can have the pleasure of seeing your family or families as often as you want and enjoy all those exciting moments as if you were there in person.

You can stop saying ‘if only I could be there’. You can, now with this exciting new technology, actually be there enjoying the moment. It doesn’t get any more exciting than that.

Another true advantage of the digital video telephone is there are no security threats such as viruses, worms or spam which can cause your computer to become infected and crash causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage, lost information, inconvenience and many other perils.

Why should you consider the Digital Video Phone?

Much more price competitive: It is an inexpensive alternative to your home telephone needs. With the digital video phone local and long distance calls are free and international calls are at a minimal cost. No longer pay high monthly phone bills.
Greater clarity: Have the advantage of seeing your family and friends as often as you want to in true to life colour. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to see and hear the grandchildren singing Happy Birthday to you?
Faster connection: New video phones now do not have that ‘lag’ between speaking and hearing like the older analogue technology suffers with.
As stated before, portability. With today’s mobile population people are moving house more regularly, so the advantage (and cost saving) of keeping the same number is enormous.

So why not join the new revolution and become a digital video phone user today.